Forty Eleven Thousand Things – (favorite term #1)

I admit, the term isn’t an original one.  I just stumbled upon it a few years ago, while browsing through my favorite tool for learning, the Google University.  I seldom use it as an expression but I like the sound of it. It was also one of the names of my short-lived accessories business but it’s a little long and it doesn’t sound too easy for people to remember. Plus I did not have forty eleven thousand different things to sell. Not yet, anyway. Maybe someday when I finally have my own curio shop, I’d revive the name.

I found the term in one of my favorite sites, under the list of words starting in F:

“Forty Eleven Thousand Times.

My mother used this word as “I’ve told them forty eleven thousand times not to do that.” My mom is English, maybe it is an old English phrase? I use the phrase and some people question the figure and say, “How many times is that?” I don’t know, I guess 440,000 times.”

                                                                                               — Panchita Beer

I hope Ms Beer doesn’t mind that I used it and changed the last word to mean something else.

It encompasses so many things: forty eleven thousand things that interest me; forty eleven thousand moments to experience; forty eleven thousand places to visit; forty eleven thousand things to do that has little or nothing to do with work!


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