Short Stint Woman (Me Playing Picasso)

–And that’s all I’ll ever be. I have accepted the fact that I will be spending the rest of this lifetime as a professional amateur. I had lots of stints — in the field of arts, literature, social science, sports…  The reason these are mere stints is because I lose interest quickly… from the moment I realize that I’ll never be brilliant in any of them.  Here is one of my stints — as a visual artist.  Uploading these drawings on my website is my only claim to fame!

Me Playing Picasso (FACES series). Sigh. A third grader could probably do better.









There was a time when I actually convinced myself that I was very arty that I even had one of the FACES (not included in this series) framed as a gift to someone.  That someone turned out to be a real stint killer — thought the “Face” was creepy and hideous so it was stored out of sight. That was hurtful. Like, couldn’t you be little more subtle??? Bye bye drawing. Sigh.


Among the “Faces”, this is my favorite.  And it somehow means “something”. (Those doodles above are just that. Doodles. Doodles with eyes, noses, ears and Angelina Jolie lips) This one below,  I call it “Soulmates”. What’s more, I found out recently that I drew this years ago, on what was to be my wedding night. What a remarkable coincidence!



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