Another Short Stint…

…this time as a fashion designer.  I woke up one day all fired up and inspired at the onset of a new year as my horoscope was being read in some local tv program.  It promised something wonderful and different if I changed direction and did something unexpected from what I did the previous year/s.  So I enrolled in a fashion designing school!

Of course this decision did not spring entirely from nothing.  I love clothes and I did draw a little bit.  Here are some doodles  I made years before enrolling at the school at the back of some of my research papers. Mrs. Headless Horseman was my muse. (oops! some inverted writing can even be seen in some of the sketches!)

The Ethnic Inspired Collection

Where are the heads?



ethnic #3

ethnic #4

ethnic #5

ethnic #6

ethnic #7

Uh, yeah, they look more like flower vases at first glance but take a closer look and you’ll find shoulders, cleavage, belly buttons…

The Winter Collection

winter #1

winter #2

winter #3



 The Evening Collection

I like this one —


This one, not so much —


Where did the legs go?




This is my  2nd favorite

Eve #2

My, those hips are round!!!


And then I got lazy —



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