I will go where the wind takes me.  I will expect the unexpected; and when it does come, accept it, and see it as an opportunity for knowledge. I know that life has its share of hardships and trials, but I can rise above them.

"Fools rush in where the wise fear to tread."

People will laugh at me; people will laugh at my decisions and see them as mistakes.  People may scoff. Belittle. But sometimes I have to take risks, to go against what people say  is ‘sensible’ or ‘the smart thing to do’. How do they know the ‘smart thing to do’ when it is MY life we’re talking about? If I do make a mistake, I admit to it, learn from it and get on with my life. Regret nothing. Feel unashamed. Life is too short and there are better and more wonderful things to do than to think about problems.  Forget about leaving a mark on the world.  The world does not care about me!

My approach to life maybe a little unconventional to some because I do what is comfortable for me. I embrace life. Love life. Live in the moment. LAUGH because life isn’t to be taken seriously. Grab all the fun I can. Do cartwheels on the sand.  Eat lots of chocolate! Dance like it is the greatest performance of my life.  Wear outrageous clothes. Speak nonsense. Spend money!!! Why else is money there but to buy stuff I want?

“What folly! What nonsense!” they say.


                                                                                          — M the Fool


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