Creative Chaos, My Perfect Excuse (favorite term #2)

When I found out that there is such a thing, I decided to adopt it as one of my philosophies in life.

According to Creative Chaos, there is order in randomness, that there are some minds that become more inspired and artistic amid mess.

KaleidoArt by M.

KaleidoArt by M.

Some borrowed thoughts from the Internet:

“Creativity in its most meaningful sense renders order out of chaos.  True creativity engenders new coherent form from existing patterns or ideas. The creative mind is not subdued by the apparent anarchy of random chaos.”

“Creative chaos is about  thinking “why not?” instead of “why?”. It is about looking beyond the ordinary and finding the opportunity to create something extraordinary.” (

And my favorite —

“Many people who work in creative fields often prefer a chaotic or disorderly environment around them while they work on new ideas or projects… Creative chaos occurs when established patterns are destroyed, with the hope of something new arising from the positive chaos by the destruction. Creative people would consider this moment a breakthrough, as a new and unexpected result rises from the rubble of a former creative stumbling block.”

“… it is so common to find a creative person’s office filled to the ceiling with clutter and effluvia. Concerns over order are secondary to the excitement surrounding a new discovery.” (

KaleidoArt by M.

KaleidoArt by M.

Of course Creative Chaos has more meaning than that and I beg indulgence from the thinkers who came up with this school of thought as I try and use it as –


 …and I do love my clutter!  I have actually made a teeny career out of this disorderly manner as an accessories designer and yes, even had the pomposity to call my business Creative Chaos (made me sound cool and clever!).  It was short-lived (yet again), but it was fun, entertaining, and it generated a lot of profit and ahem, compliments. I even got featured in the lifestyle section of a leading newspaper once!  I used to join a lot of bazaars and trade fairs to sell these accessories.

All the beads and materials scattered everywhere, all the explosion of colors and shapes inspired me to combine even those that at first may seem not to work together but somehow matched and made sense.  The moment my dad got fed up with the mess and had the helper tidy up the corner of our house that I ‘squatted’ in and claimed as my workstation was the beginning of the waning of my interest in the craft until I just realized one day that all my materials had been tucked away, some in my mom’s antique trunks and some in the attic.  Sad. But my pool of materials came in handy when hubby and I decided to make beaded bookmarks (that doubled as bag charms and table napkin rings) for our wedding favors.

It felt great to rummage through all the clutter in the attic and see all the colorful beads again. I didn’t realize how much I missed beadwork until we began making the bookmarks.  So now we’re thinking of starting to make accessories once more to sell in time for this year’s Christmas bazaars. (I hope this plan pushes through!)


I have forty eleven thousand interests… I am always delighted and open to try out new things, to break free from old thoughts, patterns, situations, structures… which is why I have so many stints. But most of the time, things lose their appeal rather easily – especially once I find out that I’ll never amount to anything else other than as a beginner, hence my claim as a professional ‘stint’ woman.

Kaleidoart by M.

Kaleidoart by M.


One thought on “Creative Chaos, My Perfect Excuse (favorite term #2)

  1. Priya says:

    I also have the same Bang Pins, lying unused ever since i bought them.
    I love to create front pouf, In much excitement I bought them, but was stupid to not ask the seller about how to use it.
    Please can you demonstrate its usage, through pics or video.
    No text pls!
    it is hard to understand that way
    Keenly waiting!


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