Never-Ending ?s

Aside from the age-old AGE question, people, some of whom are genuinely interested, some of whom are making an effort to make small talk, and some of whom are just magnificently annoying, asked me the same set of cookie cutter questions over the years:

When I graduated from college —

‘Why didn’t you take up law?’

Uhh… because it’s boring? No one ever really listened to the reasons why I did not pursue law which was simply because I didn’t want to.

‘Why are you so quiet?’

Grrr. Why are you so loud? and so nosy? Fu-uzz off. Leave me alone.

‘Do you even eat?’

My petite frame raises some questions about my eating habits.  Common sense says YES, I do eat, but some people are actually foolish enough to believe I starve myself. Once, annoyed with the question and questionist, I answered sarcastically that I nourish myself with just water and she actually believed me. Sometimes fat bitter old hags who acted like it was my fault they were fat would even comment that when I get older, I’ll also grow fat and dumpy like them.  Now why would I want to do that? Not my fault if I’m gifted with a fast and furious metabolic rate. Suck on that, you…

‘Do you have a boyfriend?’

This one comes with the tsk-tsk-tsk-what-a-pity-you’re-still-single-there-must-be-something-wrong-with-you look. Although I’m quite sure I’m not the only one subjected to this esteem crusher.

When I finally said yes to that, the question progressed into

‘When will you get married?’

It took quite a few years but law school questions have finally dwindled. And hurray, I thought, I would finally stop getting THE look and the boyfriend/marriage questions when I tied the knot. But noooo! Now I’m faced with Cookie Cutter Q. Version Post-Marriage:

‘Pregnant yet?’

‘When are you planning to have a baby?’

‘How many babies do you want?’

‘A boy or a girl?’ (gay, I want gay, I want to scream).

And of course, the all-time classic question, Do you even eat?’  just wouldn’t stop.

cookie cutters


One thought on “Never-Ending ?s

  1. Micah says:

    You are funny! Well in a sarcastic kind of way. But I so get you when you feel annoyed with all these people who tirelessly ask the same question(s) all over again. Ugh


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