In Your Face, Ondoy! (Part 2)

Who else but my dad would think to get a flood insurance for his house and furniture? It is so like him.  Sure, the area where my family lives in gets flooded now and then but the waters stay at a low level and they subside quickly before leaving any serious damage. No one could have foreseen the flood and destruction that Typhoon Ondoy has caused in the Metropolis and getting a flood insurance was not exactly something every homeowner would think of as a priority.  It would, for most, be just a waste of money. I mean, what was the likelihood of the Metropolis getting supermegamaxtremely flooded?  Before, I’d think it was, well maybe 1 in a gazillion.    But bad-ass Ondoy has flooded the whole first floor of our house and has left most of the furniture and appliances in ruins (had me imagining my grandma sleeping on a floating bed, too). Thanks to the insurance, repairs and replacements would cost him less. Other homeowners should do well to get their own homes insured against flood now. So, two thumbs up for Daddy-o for being such a forward thinker!


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