I love airports.  Whether waiting for one’s own flight for hours or standing in line to check or get one’s luggage from the carousel, or waiting to see someone off to another place to say goodbye or to fetch someone who arrived, the noise, the hassle — everything about airports are wonderful to me (so what if our local airport stinks!).  Airports mean adventure – a gateway for infinite possibilities, to so many other exotic places around the world.  I even like plane rides.  The excitement of taking off, the anticipation of arriving to one’s destination, whether a new place or going back home can more than make me forget the back and neck and butt pains that come with sitting and sleeping upright for long hours.  Even a little turbulence is exciting to me…and looking out through the window to look at the puffy clouds (imagining myself frolicking on them)…and reading  the airline magazines, and watching  airline movies… so what if the airline food tastes icky?  At least it smells great before being served. Well, yeah, I do hate noisy babies in the plane.  But other than that, I can ride the plane anytime, all the time (even standing up. Yeah, I did that! And several times too, in a military cargo plane).  Someday, I’m gonna try going to the airport and choose a destination right there on the spot just for fun.


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