It was exactly nine years ago…

The Asian Cruise – this was how we met. Words – how cheesy but they help trigger memories of that month-long journey of the senses, and we begin to remember the wondrous things we’ve seen and experienced and felt. (I wish I had a digicam then so I wouldn’t have to resort to this cheesiness)

The Asian Cruise:Moments In Words

Of Fairwinds, Clear Skies and Following Seas

A Gray, Massive Vessel and Seafaring Folks

Towards a Nautical Adventure

One Clear October Evening


Naval Customs, Traditions and Jargons

Knowing Knots, Anchors, and Oscar Flags

 Finding Gangways, Galleys, and Wardrooms

Sea Detail, Evening Mess, Second Watch


The Mystery Food in the Crew Mess Hall

Meeting Ensigns, Commanders and Captains

First Acquaintances and Budding Friendships.


Amid the Seemingly Endless Seas

and Eternal Blue Skies,

The Rolling and the Pitching, the Soft Waves and The Wind

Blowing Kisses,

the Bustling Onboard Activities,

Fate Takes the Helm,

Plots the Course,


and so the Real Voyage Begins – Two Drifters

Traverse Paths.

Encounters at the Bridge;

Night Navigation in the Pilot House

Stargazing and Watching Lunar Cycles at the Helipad.

Being Lulled by the Rhythmic Waves

of the Sea.


The Thailand Experience.

Rich, Vibrant, and Vivid Hues;

a Bevy of Different Faces

Of Sawaddees and Kopkhuns;

Of Colorful Sarong and Silk,


Of Fake Designer Bags  and Watches

Strolling in Pattaya On a Warm, sultry Evening

…and the Red Light Districts

and the nightlife of Sattahip;


The Playful Teasing

That Secret Glance

That Undistinguishable Soda

That One, Single Rose

and “Anonymous” Ice Cream.


Of Tok Toks and Taxi Meters

Exotic Birds and Sparkling Jewels

The Smell, The Taste of Spicy Food


The Night Markets in Khao San Road

Attractive Trinkets and Odd Souvenirs

Haggling with the Vendors

The Rich, Gold Grand Palace

of Bangkok

Red Moon in Cambodia

Illuminating, setting hearts on fire

Enchanting the Pathways

Exchanging Secrets

and the Moon Slowly descends to the sea;


A Jog by the Shores of Sihanoukville

a Swim at the Beach

the Haunted Chambers at Tuol Sleng


Street Bargains in Ho Chi Minh

the Rosewood Vases, the Jewelry Boxes,

and Elephant Ceramics

the Ao Dais and the Chiongsams

Beaded Bags and Sequined Shoes

a Shopping Spree

an Evening Walk at the Promenade.

 Shipboard Dinner Dances and Sing-Alongs

Of Mashed Potatoes and Mars Chocolate Bars



Side by Side

Under a Canopy of Stars

Holding Hands and Stealing Glances

Awkward Kisses and Self-Conscious Hugs.

 And Moonlight Moments at the Bridge;

A Reflection of Thoughts

at Starboardside


Outside the Sick Bay;

Revelations at the Fo’c’sle.

Sweet, Gentle Touches at the Upper Bunks

Waking with the Sun At the Officer’s Deck.


Little Moments that are never Little.

Moments that are Intimate

Moments that are Warm

Moments that are Exquisite


Moments that are Extraordinary.


A Delight For The Minds

A Healing Of The Souls

A Seduction Of The Senses

A Discovery For The Hearts.


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