the Works and all the stuff that led to the walk down the aisle (Part 1)

Dear Diary,

It’s June 9, 2009 and the wedding is less than 2 months away! But first, let’s sit back and fasten our seatbelts as we take a ride on the deLorean and go back to where it all started (do hold on, because it does get confusing)

It all started in October 2000… uh, ok, not too far in the past. That’s another story …Fast forward to

July 28 2008

 (F already forgot about this day)

Holy *$#%@!!!! Is that a jewelry box in F’s jacket pocket!  Holy *$#%@! Watched THE Zohan, ate at Tacobell, and when we got to our subdivision’s park, he stuck the ring on my finger. (The Subdivision’s Park where we usually hang out because our house was off limits. Daddy-o still hasn’t forgiven F for the Mutiny thing which happened fortyeleventhousandyearsago.)

Great proposal, right?…fast forward to —

January 2009

Finding the reception venue (yey)

Finding the church (yey)

Telling the Parents (yikes)

Holy *$#%@!!!!  Where to start?

Step One:  the Venue!

The Glass Garden

We were able to book a fabuloso reception venue! And I do mean fabuloso!

The Glass Garden was so purty.  It was one of those things that felt ever so right for us! But the cost! The cost!!  When we found out that there was a package rate that included the menu, table setting, cake, and venue rental and every little detail, we booked the place even if seemed beyond our budget.

It wasn’t as easy as that. We had no cash to pay the booking fee and the site coordinator gave us a 6pm deadline that day or she’ll cancel our reservation for July 26. But it all worked out in the end.  We got some cash from our ATMs to pay the reservation fee.

Step Two: Church-hunting. Rushed off to St. Ignatius Cathedral. Had this feeling that someone else would snag the July 26 date. Got there in the afternoon and F and I saw 3 of his Academy classmates.  They were all getting married within the year.  Knew the third guy but didn’t recognize him because he got flabby.

But, whatthu…? we can’t use the church.  😦

The St. Ignatius Cathedral = that white church inside Camp Aguinaldo that recently underwent extreme makeovers so now it is air conditioned (and with stained glass windows, too!) = military = Camp = sentimental value (because THE M lived in the camp for a few years) = really friendly in the pockets = AFP = BrideToBe’s dad = not Magdalo = Forget it.

All Powerful and Every Living Dad says No

We’re excommunicated now?!?!?  When my dad found out that we wanted to get married in St. Ignatius, he was unreasonably against it because it’s inside the Camp and it’s a military church. Someone put it in his head that he owned that church.

Oh well, after a few churches… (the old SJ church reminded me of my grandfather but the church assistant was mean and grouchy, and the policies were too conventional so, NO; Mt. Carmel Church was old and the stained glass windows made beautiful lighting inside but there are no weddings on Sundays; the church in Marikina was obscure – was inside some subdivision and near the cemetery and was wide open so you could hear the noise and vroomvroomvroom of the tricycles.  No offense meant to God but the impression I had about it was that it was where people rush off to get hitched because the girl got pregnant and/or the parents do not want people to know that their children are getting married. Not for me and my aristocratic pretensions!)

We ended up with this —


The Sta. Maria della Strada Church in Katipunan near Miriam College = near La Vista Village = high end residents = a bit more expensive that we hoped for.


What next?  Hire a coordinator?  Who needs one?  We’ve got Bride-to-be-zilla here already.

February 2009

Started on the wedding favors.  Handcrafted by F and me!

Yey! More Useless Dust Collector Wedding Favors!

I’ve got a lot of excess beads from my short stint as an accessories designer (creepy: Fast forward to June 2009, we’re done! I think we made almost 250 pieces but I still have an endless supply of beads. What is this, another fish and loaf miracle or something?).

We decided to make…Drrrrumroll!!!… beaded bookmarks!

Made the cutest tag!


from this...

Took ages to find the perfect stick figures!   And I found sappy lines while browsing at Powerbooks to use in the tags:

to this...

to this...

Forgot to put a label at the back of the tags. Even bookworms would not really recognize the stuff because they’re practically useless as bookmarks. But if it’s ok to ruin the spine and pages of your book, go ahead. It pleases us that you’re so appreciative of our work. They could be anything, from useless bookmarks to bag charms, curtain ties, not one is the same! I made the designs for the ends, and F did the beading in the middle. They’re more useful as bag charms, but referring to them as such seems a little… hmmm… mundane.  Bookmarks = doesn’t that sound very, hmmm…cerebral? vintage? cultured? (pretentious?)



 Stumbling upon Polyvore

— was one of the best stumbles! It was like having online paper dolls.  Googling obsessively on stick figures these past few months led me to Polyvore. Here’s our save the date made via Polyvore.

Now I’m wanting all the stuff in Polyvore.


Wedding Fairs are everywhere! Hire a photographer, hire a videographer… hire a musician, get a couturier, get a hair and make up artist… book a hotel rooms… book a florist… the invitations… the wedding rings… the honeymoon… we’re going to need a lot of… money!

March 2009

We’re not just handcrafting the favors… the invitations too! And the missalettes. My idea was to use coffee stained paper. First tried using the grinds that were leftovers at Starbucks which they give away to be fertilizers.  But paper had an aversion to gourmet coffee. The grinds didn’t melt and wouldn’t stick to the paper so the color didn’t hold.  So we reverted to good old instant coffee.  We used Maxwell Coffee lovingly stolen from home.  Shame on me. So we just bought a bag of local instant coffee for the succeeding batches.

It took hours to test the shades of stain until we smelled like coffee all over. And we never did achieve the perfect stain so the invitations have different shades. Does that even matter?  How OC is that for the guests to compare invites?

handmade invitations

handmade invitations

Got ribbons from Divisoria to prettify the invitations.  Used excess wallpapers that were again stolen from home for further prettification. No one uses these anyway except to patch up the areas scratched by our crazy cats. There’s always treasure in someone else’s trash; and we’ve got A LOT of trash. And I love to scavenge. Not sure how long these’ll last though.  Maybe they will be smelly and moldy by the end of the year.

that's our living room wallpaper in the middle!

The initial concept was too old fashioned/ woodcut/ heraldy type with pretentious curly, wiggly Shakespearean fonts.  Even the wordings were too perfumey.  “hear ye, hear ye, I invite thee to thours (huh?) wedding, oh Romeo”…


I wanted a burnt effect on the edges but it was just too much work.

But, whatever is our motif?

Blank stare.

I couldn’t think of a perfect color because I love color and I don’t want to limit our planning on that. But we were forced to choose old rose, chocolate brown (or bronze will do), and some green shade because those were the only acceptable table runner colors our caterer had.  We had to decide within 5 minutes. Superficial, right? Not a priority.

So when people keep on bugging me about the motif, I say, well, then, by all means match the table runners.

Our caterer, the Manila Catering is good.  But it’s not spectacular Wolfgang Puckish food (how would I know?).  Not a priority.

Our wedding rings.

boquiren photography 038

I wouldn’t know carat from carrot so we based our choice on aesthetics instead of quality without regard to the attributes that should usually matter when buying jewelry. Don’t care.

The Location Map

Making it was so much fun!  Took me hours to turn this —


into this!

X marks the spot

X marks the spot


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