The Works and all the stuff that led to the walk down the aisle (Part 2: frills!)

April 2009

Dear Diary,

Oh, flowers! Beautiful flowers!…are not a priority either. Any flower can brighten up a corner.  A few satin ribbons would do wonders to a weed. Found a florist that fits our budget. Not splurging on something that’ll wilt in a few hours. Found this — a bouquet of pink roses, purple flowers surrounding the roses, and some carnations lining the edges.  Isn’t it pretty and frilly?


Not a priority, not a priority.  Well then, what is our priority?

My Gown! Of course. And the groom’s get up

… has to be exquisite…

I wanted something that moved when I moved, not a stiff one that can stand alone without a bride in it.  We scrounged around a few bridal fairs.  Went to less than 5 fairs until there it was! My gown on the mannequin.  It was a tube top with lots of beadwork on it and the skirt… oh the skirt…those tiers and tiers of scraps of lace! By Dennis Martin. His first offer was 40k but he gave in for 30k

It was screaming ME!

So me.

At Google University, I saw a lot of tiered lace gowns. Saw an article that says that tiered gowns are the trends this year. Didn’t want the ‘in’ thing but I wanted THAT gown. It was one of those things again that felt so right. Oh, frills! Finally went to DM’s shop and had my measurements taken.

I wanted a veil but not on my face.  Only those with pretty noses can get away with the veils on their faces.  And my allergy might act up if there’s a foreign thingy tickling my nose.  I wanted some flapper-ish lacy headdress. Kept on googling until I found out that what I wanted was a “mantilla”.


I don’t want to cover my face!  I’m paying a lot to have my face all made up, I’m not about to have it covered.


Don’t they  look timeless and refined and graceful?

vintage wedding dress

I’m a big Star Wars fan. I wanted Amidala’s headdress the first time I saw it onscreen but you gotta admit, it’s a little too costume-y.

May 2009

Choosing the groom’s clothes

F loved his suit.  He did a few fittings in some stores but the coats at Zara fit him to a T. He wanted an all black ensemble, something like this–


It was costly but well worth it. I think he thought so, too, with the way he kept staring at his reflection while trying on the suit…

Very proud of F.  He’s very meticulous.  I’m the creator (instigator) and he’s the craftsman.  I’m the producer of ideas and he mass reproduces them.  And he’s very good at it.  I show him a sample and he makes neater, higher quality versions of them.  We’re a great team 🙂


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