11 days to go…

I’ve had my confirmation, we’re done with the missalettes, maybe make more wedding favors over the weekend.

How embarrassing.  I made two confirmation appointments on a Sunday and I forgot to cancel the one at the Della Strada church so the priest waited for me for hours while F and I celebrated my confirmation in another church over lunch at Terriyaki Boy’s.  The church admin was raging at me over the phone!

We will give jams to the male principal sponsors and Nazar Boncugu charms to the female principal sponsors. The Nazars were from my mom who bought them when she and my dad went to Turkey last May.  She bought them for 1USD each. And it cost 13USD ++ if you order online!

311_1 …a teeny note with the Nazars —

Thank you for sharing this special day with us. 

— M& F

     July 26, 2009 

A Nazar Boncugu is a Turkish good luck “evil eye” charm, borne of the age-old “evil eye” superstition that the envy of others can cause harm. The Nazar Boncugu is used to guard against evil associated with envious eyes. It has the symbol of an eye worked upon it which is regarded as a potent amulet for protection against evil forces in almost every culture of the world. Thus, you have an eye for an eye. 

The guest book turned poetry book with excerpts from Pablo Neruda’s poems —



revised c

But there’s more to do!!! The guest list, the church and reception music, the wedding reception program… I don’t know what to do for the wedding dance, the father-daughter dance (gross!)…

We’re going to live in SJ.  So I’m home again after all these years, and after moving to four homes.

My dad seems to have accepted the inevitable.  He’s inviting so many people, all those relatives of his whom I don’t know anyway.

DAYS before the wedding

Not freaked out yet.


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