After 103 months…

Something Old: the Bride

Something New: the Bride’s get up

Something Borrowed: the pearl earrings

Something Blue:

boquiren photography 1109


Everything is calm.  It seemed just like any other boring day, except that I was prettier.

All the frenzy was in F’s room, with all his brothers and sisters and nephews and nieces running and jumping around the place — in stark contrast to the quiet activity that was happening in my room.

While being prettified, I had to call the florist, I had to check up on the photographers, I had to check up on my parents and aunts and find out if all’s going well… I even had to check up on F to find out if they were already at the Church! (read: bi-atch micromanager).

happy with my get up


My florist did a wonderful job.


Even the church altar looked wonderful with all those calla lilies.

My photographers were late.  Well, they arrived on time – at another hotel!!! Good thing for them, I didn’t want to be photographed without being glammed up first.

I loved my hair.  I wanted it in waves, cascading down my back, letting my tattoo (oh, by the way, I have a tattoo) peek a little.

boquiren photography 098


My newly curled hair came only up to my shoulders but as the day and night went on, my hair started to stretch down my back and the curls turned into waves.

boquiren photography 109


And the groom?!?  He was very cool and dapper!

THE BIGGEST STRESS ON THE WEDDING DAY – to wear or not to wear? silver or purple shoes?

How perfect are these Nine West satin shoes!?!?


The Ceremony

ceremonial veil from my mom

 I’m so OC about being punctual so there I was by the church entrance waiting for everyone to settle down and be familiar with whatever they’re supposed to be doing. All in all it was the usual touching ceremony.  Felt happy seeing all the relatives and friends with wide smiles cutting their faces in half as I walked down the aisle. And seeing F’s face while I walked… well, I couldn’t really read his face but he looked really handsome that day.

arrhae from Divisoria and tarnished coins from my Aunt A's treasure trove


ceremonial cord by my dear friend Andie



The Glass Garden


At McDonald’s El Pueblo! We weren’t able to eat during the reception so my brother Michael and his girlfriend Francine took us to McDonald’s afterwards. 


We should have had a black and white wedding motif. But how do you pull off a black motif without looking too emo/goth?  I have this tendency to look a little gothic.  I also originally wanted a Roaring 20s theme but I kinda forgot amidst all the hoopla.

 But in the end, everything fell perfectly into place.


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