Couch Potatoing

November is all about TV series!

I’ve always liked foreign TV series. I used to watch the Equalizer, Heart to Heart, Charlie’s Angels, Murder She Wrote, the Love Boat. I also watched comedies like Who’s the Boss (I was crushing on Alyssa Milano!), Kate and Allie, Small Wonder, Three’s Company, Perfect Strangers, Murphy Brown, Benny Hill…and that was just when I was a kid. When I was a silly teener, I watched Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. There weren’t dvds then so I had to wait a week to watch the next episode. But it was ok because most episodes were stand-alones.  You could understand one episode even if you haven’t seen the previous one.

Now, tv series have more complicated plots and more complex characters. Alias probably paved the way for cliffhanger techniques where the storyline continues to the next episode.

I don’t watch the local series. I’m not a critic but I know enough to say that the plots sucked, the characters weak, the actors untalented and too cookie cutter pretty to be convincing (aquiline-nosed, fair-skinned, poverty-stricken family. Right. The only thing poor about them is their acting). It was always about a love triangle, family feuds, the oppressed rising to the top and seeking revenge against the oppressors… lately it’s about superheroes in tacky costumes and mythological creatures in unconvincing make-up.

US TV series are more addictive; most characters have more depth and the stories have more interesting plots and subplots. I’ve been enjoying too much though, that I end up being a couch potato, sometimes watching a whole season in one day.  Years ago, hubby and I watched the Prison Break, Lost, Alias, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Sex and the City (yeah, he watched that), but we have been watching more and more these days, especially when pirated dvds come in so cheap but with better quality. These past few months I’ve watched Pushing Daisies, 30Rock, American Dad, even Gossip Girl.  And when I was done with those, I resorted to ‘darker’ series: True Blood, Dexter, Harper’s Island.

My favorite these days are Dexter and True Blood and Six Feet Under. I find Dexter’s mental narrations catchy and funny.

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