HK Last October

Our trip to HK was a spur of the moment thing because we had to use our expiring mileage.  Initially, we wanted to go to Bangkok but it cost more despite using the miles.  The HK fare was just enough.  F, my mom, aunt and I went. And we paid just the taxes except for my aunt who did not have enough miles who paid in full.

Day 1 we arrived in the evening so we went straight to the Rambler Garden hotel which was in the Tsing Yi Terminal.  Good thing that our office had a terminal there and I organized some trainings there, offsite of course, last year. That was why the place was embedded in my brain.  Grrr, it was too far away from the shopping areas.

Interaction was difficult, often leaving us frustrated because of the language barrier.  It took ages for me to request for a light in the hallway. “LIIIGHTTT”. I  felt like I was playing charades with the housekeeper.

Day 2. Yuck. A ham sandwich breakfast and the waiters who couldn’t understand what we were saying.  This was our breakfast for three days.  The only redeeming factor was their brewed coffee. Sigh.  Ok, I’m being mean.  The hotel facilities weren’t so bad. It was nothing spectacular but it was nice.  And well, I shouldn’t really complain because we were too cheap to stay in a nicer place.  So yeah. You get what you pay for.


I hate myself.  I should have known better because it was my second time in HongKong and it was the second time I went on a half day city tour. The tour was nothing but a big tourist trap.  During my first trip it didn’t matter.  But this time, now that I’ve seen everything before, I was seething. First, we were brought to that place with the Stars walk and Bruce Lee Statue.  The area was nice.  F and I had a nice time taking pictures.  One of the tour guides offered to take our picture with his camera and I knew that he was going to print the picture and put it on a souvenir plate.  That was what they did during my first trip.  But I let him take our picture anyway because I thought we could refuse to buy the plate like we did before. But nooo! Back in the bus when the pictures were printed and glued to the plates, only I was the one objecting to the sale.  I think all of us were Filipinos in the bus and we all knew that we were being ripped off but no one except me was grumbling.  To avoid looking like some bitch, I had to buy the plate. For P1000!  My only consolation was at least F and I had a picture together and we looked nice.



More tourist traps: 

happy to be ripped off

#3: Liar guide.  Sure we went up the area where you can see the Victoria Harbor but we did not go down the bus because the guide said that it was not permitted. Li-ar!! I could see vendors there! And the first time we went to HK, we did go down and had our pictures taken.

#4: the guide brought us to some far away jewelry store (we actually went there during my first trip) but good thing we weren’t interested in jewelry. We stayed there for more than an hour!

#5:  Then the guide brought us to some store with “authentic” Disney merchandize.  Really.  I could have bought those in Divisoria.  We didn’t buy Disney stuff but we did buy some delicacies which again, we found out later on, were overpriced.

#6:  after the tour, the guide asked for 50HK$ tips from each of us!!!

We sat through the whole tour listening to the tour guide bash our country. “Hk not corrupt unlike Philippines blahblahblah”.  Yup, those were his words.  That there is no corruption whatsoever and that their government takes care of the people.  So what? Filipinos are so prettier! Nyahnyah!


In the afternoon, we were brought to the mall near the pier where we were going to Macau.

Macau was more rip offs but at least sightseeing was more fun.

We went to the Venetian. But after being in Las Vegas, well. ..

Same thing, the Macau guide charged us 50HK$ tips each.




Day 3 Disneyland

Disney Halloween

Day 4 Ocean Park


Day 4 Night – Nathan Road

Yey! I finally discovered where the Blythe dolls are being sold.  But they were kinda creepy, seeing hundreds of them side by side, with those exaggeratedly big heads and big eyes, wearing the same stuff. I wouldn’t want to sleep in a room full of Blythes.  I thought they were more photogenic, cuter in the pictures than seeing the actual dolls.  But the Petit blythes were adorable.  I ended up buying only two because they were costly.  Now, I’m regretting buying only two. 

We walked for hours at the Nathan Road.  I thought I was going to be able to buy some cool clothes but I didn’t which was sad.  I only got to buy one blouse.

All in all it was a nice trip.  Nothing extraordinary but despite the rip offs, it was fun. At least my mom got some time off being our mom which was good.




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