It’s not the best series I’ve watched. Most of the lines are cheesy. Season 1 of Heroes and Lost and Prison Break and Dexter may be better but watching TB is fun! Some scenes are a little too graphic and porn-like and gross though.

The opening credits are a little disturbing with clips of old fashioned south but they’re spellbinding especially with the catchy country music.

I love the imagery, the atmosphere and the setting of the show. It gives off an eerie feeling of the deep, backward south.

The female lead, Sookie played by Anna Paquin is spirited, although there are times when she gets stupid moments and gets clingy and dreamy about vampire Bill that I’d like to slap her. But at least she’s more interesting and she shows a little more spunk than Twilight’s Bella who is just plain clingy.  Why is everyone fighting over Sookie and Bella? They attract one guy, they attract all. That’s not logical and that’s not fair. Ok, we all get the vampire-blood-sucking-sex metaphor and Sookie is a walking vampire foody with her ditsy blond look and white, clingy barmaid shirt and skimpy shorts. But plain Bella? (I’m just still sulking because I was duped into buying 3 of the books and I only had the patience to read the first 2.  The books sucked, no pun intended.)


Vampire Bill gets a bit too clingy with Sookie, which is a change. At least, it’s the guy that’s clingy this time. (Suckeeeeeehhh, he cries all the time)

Tara, Sookie’s best friend is a little too macho and angry.

Eric the vampire sheriff is hot. I didn’t think so, during the first season. But he got a haircut in the second season.  It cracked me up when he had foil all over his head for highlights while killing off a redneck.

Lafayette is funny and feisty.  Too bad he lost some of that in the second season when he was traumatized because Eric kidnapped him.

Jason, Sookie’s brother, is a little too gross with his obsession with sex and annoying with his stupidity.

Sam Merlotte the shapeshifter is boring.

What I don’t get is how come there are all kinds of magical creatures in the fictional town of Bon Temp?  And how come people have a hard time believing in them when vampires are everywhere?

There’s just too much vampire loving lately it’s getting a little tiring.


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