Harper’s Island (I was not amused)

Harper's Island

Oh gag me.  No way is this comparable to “And Then There Were None”.  Sure, the characters got bumped off one by one but that’s about the only thing the series and ATTWN have in common.

I had a feeling that the show would be a waste of time during the first few episodes and I was right. It was like an extended version of some bad teen horror movie. Most of the characters were hardly memorable I couldn’t wait for them to get killed off.  And you know they would be killed because of their lackluster onscreen appearances (meaning, the writers thought it to be a waste of time to give more depth and personality to characters who were written in merely to provide blood and gore). And how dumb can they be, not finding out that a lot of people were already dead until after what, the sixth or seventh episode?

Questions: What happened to the local folk? Why did they all disappear all of a sudden? Were they just too indifferent to the killings? They weren’t of any help at all. And how powerful were the killer and his dad, to be able to destroy even cellular sites? Law enforcement people were killed and no one from the mainland cared? What’s with the creepy little girl? And most of all, WHY ARE THEY ALL GETTING KILLED?

The killer’s back story was nothing remarkable and his motive to go on a killing spree was blah.  He has been planning to kill everyone for years. But WHY??? So yeah, the killer says he’s in love with his childhood friend. And the only way to show his love is to get married to another on the island where they grew up hoping that she would attend his wedding? Couldn’t he just profess his love? Why kill the guests? They weren’t even in the way. Was it because his real dad was a murderer and he supposedly inherited the murder genes?

Loopy loopholes.

What a waste of time.

I was like, come on, people, die already. Let’s get this over with so I can watch another series.


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