The lure of it was mostly because of Scofield and his tattooed body (oh the amount of school-girl fantasizing I did!). But aside from the eye candy, every second of the first season was heart-attack-exciting especially with every episode’s cliffhanger endings. My heart was racing all the time so I felt tired after watching every episode (Oh, Michael Scofield, be careful!). I couldn’t guess what was going to happen next. And it got better every episode.

I love the soundtrack especially Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” which fit the setting aptly and reminded me of how much I found it haunting years ago during my grunge days.

I love the cinematography.

(and I love you, Michael Scofield.)


I even found myself interested in the villains, especially TBag who was very menacing and was played very well by the actor, whoever he was.

Season 2 was cool too and it kinda worked with the cat and mouse chase… but, sigh, it went pretty much downhill after that.

Season 3, what the FU?!?! Michael was back in prison? And he’s breaking out again? It’s Season 1 all over again, what the FU?!?! Just so the series could be relevant to the title? What the FU?!?!? And TBag stopped being interesting and just got more irritating and wearisome, I couldn’t help but wish for him to be killed off already, but behold, he’s invincible! What the FU.

Season 4, what the FU again?!?! It’s Michael’s lady doctor love who was jailed this time, according to the Wikipedia synopsis (still haven’t decided if I’m going to finish watching it or not) and Michael is planning to break her out. What the FU!?!? And it’s Season 1 all over again, just so the series could be relevant to the title (haven’t I said this before?). ayayay.

HUH. Michael’s lady doctor love’s head was chopped off in the 3rd season but she was alive after all in the 4th season?!?! (my heart broke for Michael because his heart broke. But I’m here, Michael Scofield, I’m here!!!)

Season 1 was one of the best series I’ve ever watched.

The following seasons ruined the show’s storyline.  What a mess.

Oh well, if Doc had stayed headless and I was Michael’s new love interest, I’d have loved the show all throughout.


What a shame.  But you’re still pretty and I still love you, Michael Scofield!


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