Pushing Daisies


Hyper-realism and a dash of fairy tale. Pie Maker Ned can bring back dead people to life with his touch and put them back to their deaths within a minute by touching them again or else someone else will die. Weird tho’. The cast just accepts it and deals with life and death, no questions asked. The background is bursting with beautiful colors they almost hurt my eyes. The lines are funny and intentionally cheesy and exaggerated. I LOVE THEM ALL!

I am charmed by this show! It’s such a heartwarming show.


I like the bright, cartoonish vintage-y setting. It’s surreal. It’s whimsical, like some sort of thing Tim Burton would make if he goes happy-smiley(or if Baz Luhrman makes a kiddie show). The show is light and eccentric and not meant to be taken seriously.

The cast is likable and sweet which is difficult to achieve these days. Olive Snook grew on me. So sad that the show was canceled after the second season.

And of course, I’m liking the retro clothes of the leading lady, Chuck! (she comes off as a little too syrupy sweet but I still like her!)



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