Used to be a favorite of mine. Season 1 was awesome! Imagine a group of people with superpowers that most people dreamed of having: flight, regeneration, time travel, invisibility… Every episode was exciting especially with the cliffhangers.

I can hardly remember the second season. But I do know that it was all over the place and I couldn’t keep up with it anymore. This is one of those series that you wish would have just ended sometime during the second season. But no. There’s a third and fourth. And I think a fifth. Did I even watch the third one? The title shouldn’t have been heroes because the characters aren’t even using their superpowers to do something selfless and heroic.

Suddenly there are so many subplots that aren’t interesting any more.

Some characters have deteriorated (The scientist Indian guy turned into something like the Gollum. I was actually waiting for him to mumble, “my precious!!! my precious!!!” Peter Petrelli became crabby and sulky).. Some became inconsistent (Sylar was evil. No, he was good. No, he was evil. No, he was good. Claire-bear and Peter were good. No, they were evil. No, they’re good). Some were just plain boring (that multiple personality lady and the Petrelli mom. And Nathan Petrelli).

Suddenly there were so many characters.  Suddenly, all the characters have superpowers. They were enemies… But they became friends…Then they were enemies again…And then they all turned out to be related to each other.

I give up.  This is just confusing.

The only things I really liked were the paintings of character Isaac Mendez which were really done by Tim Sale.


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