I loved the characters! They were all complex and colorful and interesting played by talented actors.  Their initial back stories were interesting. And it is fascinating to watch the characters develop and their lives unveiled. They actually make sense and they feel real. This is one show where I actually felt connected to the characters (Sawyer is definitely Vitamin A! good for the eyes).

Every moment was exciting. Every moment meant something. There’s always this sense of dread in almost every scene.  The back stories and sub plots and mysteries kept me hooked… during the first two seasons anyway.

What happened next? The producers, writers, whoever people they are, wanted to make more money, so they began stalling.  Yup, that’s how it felt. Stalled.

I got lost in the Season 3 spidery web plot.  I can’t remember even watching the fourth. I started on the fifth season without feeling as if I’ve missed a season. The series has gotten way too complex with so many back stories which have back stories of their own, so not understanding what happened during the fourth season is just another mystery.

First it was some smoke monster, a polar bear on a tropical island, some science project Dharma initiative thingie, maybe some hint of alien stuff, and then some other paranormal stuff. Now, it’s about time travel?  What the….!?!? How annoying. Don’t tell me the reason Alpert isn’t aging is because he’s a vampire! No more vampires please!

After watching Season 5, I literally screamed at hubby in frustration: “Oh yippee. There’s still Season 6.”


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