The Dollhouse

The premise sounded exciting: a secret organization that hires human beings or “actives” to be imprinted again and again with whole new personalities depending on the needs of wealthy clients: assassins, escorts, background singer, hostage negotiator… Sadly, the personality imprints aren’t really very interesting so the episodes ended up really awful. Gave it a chance but I gave up after four episodes. duh..

It was just one of those series that seemed to have no purpose. I feel like I’m being dragged in the same hopeless cycle that the characters are in. And people being constantly used, reused, and abused? Not a fun thing to watch. They remain in the same level of experience he/she had at the beginning of every episode with no room for character development. Sure, one “deviant” active seems to retain maybe some 10KB memory of every personality imprinted on her every time, but,

what’s the point of that?



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