Six Feet Under

Ok, the reason I started watching this (3 years after it’s sixth and final season) was basically because of Michael C. Hall, since I like him so much in Dexter.  Here he plays a closeted gay, and he’s so endearing and funny. He is now one of my favorite actors. I’m a bit biased with Brenda because she reminds me of someone I don’t like, but really, the actress playing her is good and she started to grow on me during the second season. Claire has grown on me, too. I thought she was just the typical sulky teenager, but she’s sharp and witty.

This is one of those shows that make me feel so human (as opposed to being indifferent Me-bot most of the time). The difference between this show and the others with cliffhanger endings like Prison break, Lost, Heroes, is that with shows like that, you can’t wait for the next episode, to find out the ending, to know what’s going to happen next. In Six Feet Under, you just don’t want the episode to end. I laugh, I cry, I feel touched, I get grossed out or weirded out, I get shocked – all in one episode. It deals with heavy duty stuff like life, death, morality and ethics and I wouldn’t dwell so much on them any more, lest I start sounding like a Philosophy term paper.

I was just halfway through Season 1 when I fell in love with the Fisher family and some other characters.  You don’t feel weary because Ruth is lonely; because Nate is just forced to take on his dad’s business; or because David is so afraid to admit he’s gay; or because Claire is so full of angst.  You understand them and feel for them. Sometimes I think Ruth is like my mom who worries too much.

The dream sequences make me laugh.  I liked the fake funeral commercials during the first episode. I was actually hoping for a few more in the following episodes.

Anyway, I’m still in season 2, a little slow compared to my watching pace before but SFU is something that is not to be rushed. I want to enjoy the moments with the Fishers.  I’m actually dreading the final season because, well, I didn’t do it intentionally but I found out a part of how it was all going to end. I’m sure I’d be in tears.

PS. I like the music for the title sequence too!


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