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Look what I found in my archives —
South Korea Trip (2005)
Had friends in high places then so we were able to go on a special tour of the UN Compound. That’s a North Korean Building behind us.
South Korea UN Compound
A view of the North from the South with my mom, her friends and a cute soldier.
South Korea UN Compound
Yaiks, they call this the Bridge of No Return

The Bridge of No Return
I was standing at the South Korea part of the bridge, about a foot away from the North Korea part.  Those S. Korean guards with their back to us were there waiting for some signs of hostility from the other side. One step back and KABOOM! That would have been the end of me.  It would have been an international issue. I’d be famous! And dead.

The Bridge of No Return
How sad. We didn’t have nice cameras then. But then again, that’s probably a good thing: are those mommy pants I was wearing? And a bucket hat?!?!?!

Wat Pho Temple w/ friend Ciel


HK (2007)
Malaysia 2008  The Lone Traveler
Bohol 2008
I miss traveling with these crazy gals. 
Chocolate Hills with R and C

Loboc River with Ritzel and Ciel


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