Hello again, purple/fuchsia friends

Yeah I love shoes but I never realized how much until recently. There’s really something magical about my wedding shoes. Imagine how my heart started to beat wildly when I realized that the only way I was going to our Company’s Christmas Party tonight was to strut in those oh-so-gorgeous-oh-so-perfect-satin shoes.

Aren’t they a beaut?

Paired with a tube mini frilly dress in white (which looked similar to my wedding gown… almost as if I had it cut off somewhere above the knee/which took hubby and I the whole Sunday to find) an almost matching purple belt,  I am going to be a female FEMALE!

Fast forward…

Ta-Da! (This is what my friends and I get for being too lazy to bring a nice camera)

So this is all what it takes to lift a woman’s spirits.  Shudah known by now.

I love Nine West!


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