Happy New Year!

(Gaaah! a few weeks of not logging in and I forget my username already. what a lousy, lazy memory)

What have I been up to the past few weeks?  couch potatoing, this time not with tv series but with old movies. There’s something about old Hollywood that makes me feel so nostalgic. (and the glamour, girl, the glamour of the old!) 


Learn photoshop. I’ve never done resolutions before but if I did, this has got to be the most constant thing in the list since the term ‘photoshop’ has been coined. I hope I get to accomplish this one this time.

Start jogging again. I need to strengthen up if I want to get preggy this year.  I’m too sickly and skinny to carry a big ball of a tummy for a few months.

Take care of my skin more. Yaiks. I always say this but…

Study photography. sigh. This one may be another one of those short-lived interests. I thought that I’d be an instant artist once I’d gotten hold of the Nikon D60 that my Uncle gave me but that was just me being too arrogant again. Bought a thick slab of a book on photography, too, which has only been flipped through a few times.

Be friendlier. Yaiks. I always say this but…


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