Goodbye, Good Night

Well. So it seems that this is my last night on the night shift. no. no.  I wasn’t fired nor did I resign.  I’m just going to be back on the day shift starting next week.  After almost two years of night.  Farewell, sweet, good night.  I’m going to miss the silence. The peace… Next week, it’s back to a noisy, hectic, frantic, frenzied workplace for me. I’m really going to miss my me-times. (and my night differential.. and my transportation allowance) 😦

And I’m going to miss my gal sistah pals B and A.

This is what we do when the night drags on… (how could I not miss this?)

when no one is watching…

would you take a look at those dangly eyebags…

Of course, we work, too! Like 20% of the time, hahaha!


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