Still NO bun in the oven

And here I was thinking that one could sprout from mere thought. If Zeus could think Athena into being, why can’t we? We aren’t that much different.

So pressured to have one baking already.  People have become consistently nerve-grating.  The Vox Populi cries “Bake it! Bake it! We wanna see Baby Bun! NOW!”  What the…?!?! Well, if you’re going to provide Baby Bun’s college fund, why not?  People make me feel like it’s somehow my fault that we still have no kids.It felt like some requirement I have to do before a deadline. It’s not that we haven’t been trying. Couples with kids say how nice it is to have kids, yaddayaddayadda… but at the same time they complain about the lack of time for themselves, the cost, the rowdiness, the mess, the stress…

Maybe that’s why we don’t have a baby yet. I know hubs desperately wants one.  Everyone else, including my family, wants one. I’m like, come on, let’s get pregnant and get this over with so everyone can move on already. There are times when I think that my parents are getting older and it would be such a sad thing if they pass away without a grandchild. And I know they have a lot to teach and share with the child. Sometimes I see my dad cradling and treating the cats like babies.  What a sorry sight.

Do I want the bun? Like, really, really want it? Nobody even asks me.  For now, no. Aside from the complications during and after pregnancy, especially when it grows older, I’m concerned with my health.  Nobody else seems to care.  They all just want to see me grow a bump and give birth to some sort of a creature nine months later. Of course, I know that when little creature comes out into the world, I’ll love it and take care of it like there’s nothing else in the world that matters. And maybe that’s what I don’t want to happen to me, to be obsessively attached to someone. Annoying. I wish people would just drop the subject and bake their own buns.


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