My 1 minute with Neil Gaiman

It’s my friend C’s fault.  With all the text messages containing quotes from the guy, her Neil Gaiman this, Neil Gaiman that, she made me feel like I’m the last person to know who or what the hell he is. So I bought Neverwhere. Luvved it!!! I thought, why not try the Sandman series? Because the cover was so purty, I bought the last one, the Endless Nights. Oooh, the artwork was eerily beautiful… but, what the hell was that about?!?! Oh well, there’s really something so interesting about Morpheus aside from him being cartoonishly hot.

I love the Mirrormask.  I first saw the movie on HBO before I read the book. Despite the gritty and grainy screen, it was evidently beautifully done so I strained to watch it ’til the end.  And I just had to buy a DVD copy (now that was a looong search!). Along with another Neil Gaiman favorite, Stardust.  And I do love Stardust. I loved the illustrations by Charles Vess…was a little disappointed that Captain Shakespeare wasn’t a cross dresser in the novel though.

I’m now a FAN.

Death is just so cool.

Last March 18, Neil came to Manila and of course, I just had to go and have some books signed.  Hubby, as a post birthday present, bought P2000+  worth of graphic novels of Neil (equivalent to 3) so I could get a pass.

Fast forward to March 18, I was there at the Rockwell mall by 4pm, clutching my Stardust and Endless Nights books and had them signed by past 10pm!


Hubby who was ever so sweet, even stayed with me for a few hours and watched me go gaga over a scruffy looking older guy. Some people were in Neil Gaiman characters get ups. Overkill.  But of course, I was envious.

Then it was my turn after a loooong cue!

“So you’re M,” says he to the speechless fan, when he saw it written on a scratch paper that miraculously escaped the bouncer (fans were at first allowed to write on scratch papers what they wanted Neil to write on their books. Queer. Neil was tired by almost the end of the day so the bouncers confiscated the scratch papers. He can only write his name, said the mean bouncers).

“I’m going to give you a falling star.” He tells me. And all I could do was grin stupidly and feel giggly happy inside as he defaced my hardbound Stardust book with a squiggle that hardly looked like a star and read something like ‘werful’.



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