Me + Stocks… seriously?

So here I am with another passing fancy.

My dad, finding stock buying profitable, has been bugging me nonstop about opening an account in CitisecOnline, sumakinda-online-stock-brokers-thingamajiggie. So, to appease him and learn something new at the same time, I opened an account for hubby and me starting at P50,000. I started buying mini shares here and there, whatever I feel like clicking and buying online. Just like me in a shopping center. Not exactly very scientific, right? What a messy way to manage money. An investor’s nightmare, really. But in about a week, my total gain value increased to 4.44% and my total equity value was up at 2K + (gain? Equity? is this me talking?) so a few days ago, I added 25K to the account and started shopping again.  It beats playing Farmville or Typing Maniac in Facebook. If I win, cool.  If I lose, at least the money is not large enough to make me go mad. I’m also starting to visit websites on stock exchange and Dow Jones and whoever Mr. Jones.  I figured if I keep staring at the graphs, the figures, the symbols, the jargons, I’ll eventually understand them. Lovely way of thinking, huh?


2 thoughts on “Me + Stocks… seriously?

    • Alias M. says:

      If you ask my dad who closely monitor the stocks, big OO ang sagot niya. Ako naman, sideways lang ang galaw ng pera. Di ko kasi nababantayan eh.


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