This Little Kitty

Who’d have thought I’d fall in love with a cat?  I used to be more of a dog person.  Cats were annoying. They don’t like to take baths, they rub against you all the time, they’re snooty. Dogs are cuter and friendlier.  And then my mom and sister brought home Persian and Siamese cats. And they’re cute. When my then-bf-now-hubby gave me a Siamese kitten for a Christmas gift five years ago, I was a uhh.. yeah kitty was cute but would entail costs that I would have allotted for designer clothes and shoes! The first few days with her was trying.  She was scared of everything, she reeked, she pooped everywhere. I had to lock her in the bathroom with the sandbox until she finally understood what the sandbox was for.

But Kitty C turned out to be such a delightfully impish, smartass cat with a dark brown nose.  She’s superfat, cuddly, and she smells like vanilla. She’s smarter and obsessively cleaner than the cats of my mom and sister. She doesn’t like putting her front paws on the sandbox when pooping or peeing.  She washes her face with the water in her drinking basin.  Sometimes I think she understands the things I say. Tell her No and she knows it.  She would never touch people food (even her food) if I tell her no. She knows when she did something wrong and why she is being scolded.  She knows when she’s being called. I love her!

When I got married, I brought her with me to the new house.  She had to face several changes. First she had to move to another house. Second, she just got spayed.  Third, she had to sleep not only with me but with my husband as well. It took about two weeks of courtship before hubby finally won her over.  Now they’re in love with each other.


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