Sawaddi Ka

Our trip to Thailand.

October 7-10

Shopped most of the time. I love splurging in Thailand. Bought wholesale stuff to sell in PH. Unsold items will go directly to my closet.

Stayed as usual at the First House Hotel where the shops are right downstairs.

The shops open at 6am and they change merchandize everyday!

Taking a break…

The Suan Lum Night Market…

There’s my brother M, my mom, my brother’s girlfriend F, hubby, and Mr. Bean’s Teddy behind brother M… 

What happened? Looks like the area has deteriorated. I used to find unique stuff here but now, the shops are just the usual souvenir shops. Sad.


What is this place again? I guess some garden in Pattaya. I can’t remember the name. The place is nice but I didn’t enjoy the elephant show. Those poor olyphants. If I were one of them, I’d have stomped on the faces of the trainers.

The Cactus Garden

Where’s Wally?

My Zara boots…

Hehe, couldn’t resist putting that in.


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