And I’m a Beauty Pageant Judge, too

So, here’s a funny thing:  I’ve been asked by Hubby’s bro to be one of the judges of a College Beauty Pageant which was held in Starmall.  Surprise! I’m just so tickled by the thought, I can’t wipe this silly grin off my face.

Har-har-har! And yet another item to add to my long list of short stints. If I were to make a resume of all the short stints I have, my resume would be all over.  All the things I do are seemingly isolated from each other.  Oh well, that’s just how I am: flexible and adaptable to the requirements of the time. Ahem.

Why ME? No idea. Maybe they couldn’t find someone more appropriate. So let’s “connect’ me to the pageant to make me sound like a qualified judge:  an accessories designer? A Company calendar model??? Oh yes. I was Ms. January 2010, along with 3 other employees! And to add to that, I was one of the hand models for the 2011 calendar cover! What a sorry claim to fame.

I had to be at par with the contestants so I left work early to go to a salon for prettification.  That’s the best part (and wear sky-high heels, too).

Here’s me looking all overdressed and made up and in those magical wedding shoes once more.

And me evidently overdressed amidst oily nubile almost naked bodies trying not to look at the only covered part of the body of the awardee but ended up looking like I’m looking right there anyway. Yaiks.

…and me feeling out of place and lost but trying to hide it…

That black obi leather belt from Zara is really one of my best buys. I love it

Blouse: some black furry thing I got from a thrift shop at P50 (the one I also used during our pre nup photoshoot)

Skirt: Forever21

Belt: Zara

Shoes: Nine West

Make-up: Basement Salon


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