Kindle, kindle, kindle!

I’m obsessing with Kindle right now so I decided to write a feedback to the Kindle Team.

Says me —

hi, Kudos for coming out with something like the Kindle3G! Ever since I got it less than a month ago, I am never without it. It is now my new BFF. (unfortunately, or fortunately, if you consider the low risk of theft, there aren’t a lot of readers in my area so only my geeky circle of friends are able to fully appreciate the wonders of Kindle.)

Here are some more thoughts I have on Kindle3G:

  • It’s so lightweight and paper-thin, it’s perfect!… well, except for the way it smells (haha). Nothing beats the scent of the crisp and fresh pages of brand new paperbacks or the musty, brittle and yellowing pages of aged and 20++ times read old books. But still, Kindle? I get to bring it anywhere.  In fact, I just realized that I could live without a cellphone. Or maybe even a TV.  But never without my Kindle!
  • Why, oh why wasn’t Kindle invented when I was in high school or even grade school? (like, soooo many years ago). It beats lugging pounds of books to school everyday which probably impeded my vertical growth.
  • It’s easy to use, I barely even read the user’s guide. I just tinkered with the keys, and there you go…
  • I was disappointed to see that it didn’t come with a USB cable. But lo and behold! the power adapter is also the USB cable! how convenient!
  • It’s not so fragile.  I just stuff it in my bag along with a lot of clutter without having to worry about it being scratched.
  • the battery life is so superlong, I can’t remember the last time I charged it.
  • The screensavers are a pleasant surprise.  I couldn’t resist playing with Kindle the first time just to see all the screensavers. I was hoping to see pictures of, umm… more attractive writers though, like Byron. haha. Or maybe book cover arts…
  • The MP3 player is also a nice add-on.

I just have some teeny bits of issues when using it though:

  • there’s no way to adjust the brightness/contrast so it’s a little hard to read at night especially under fluorescent lights.
  • and speaking of fluorescent lights, unfortunately, yes, there’s a glare on the screen whenever I read indoors so the reflection of the overhead lights bounce off the screen. I have to move and adjust the angle of the kindle while reading to avoid the glare.
  • here’s hoping that there is a notepad, at least to maximize the use of the keys and to take down notes.

Well, that’s it.  thanks again for Kindle3G.  any plans to come out with an upgraded version?

And all I got for this effort was a template response. Yey.


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