Whutthe Muthafffu.. Do They Teach Kids These Days

There I was trying to do good — read: penance for all my mean thoughts …

Hubby and I went with my Aunt and Uncle who came from the United States to offer health services to ‘less fortunate’ people in my Aunt’s (my dad’s sister) hometown. The elementary school was set up as a temp pharmacy where I was assigned along with Hubby and Dad’s driver and some nurse relatives to distribute medicines.

For a change, I really was an angelslashpharmacist! Offering my best and sincerest services in order to distribute medicines, explaining to people how to take the medicines… it felt good to be good.

And my, my, what a busy day! And so I took a few minutes break from angelslashpharmacisthood.  I looked around the classroomslashpharmacy, looked at the cute kiddie drawings, at the cute kiddie posters, at the alphabets with illustrations of samples of cute stuff that began in A until Z… my, my, how cute the Apple is… and the Banana drawing… yummy in a cute way… Hmm… C is just so oozing with more Cuteness I could just die of cuteness overdose… awwww…

And then I saw this:


A giraffe coffee drinker? A Jejemon giraffe?

Not cute. And no, it doesn’t stop there.

W… X…SunnovaBee Y____!

Y oh Y hath God foresaken these children?!?!?

Tragic. Is this the kind of education my kids will get someday?

I had to resist the urge to correct the principal who was so proud of her school and who was an elementary classmate of my Dad’s.  So I just told my Dad. Let him deal with it. I’m concerned that I might not be able to correct her in a nice way. Worst case scenario: what if she had designed those alphabets herself. Yaiks.


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