Speak to me, Tarot! Speak, I Say!

Okay, I confess — with great conceit, I thought tarot reading would be simple; that the cards would “speak” to me once I lay my eyes on them so I was hoping to do 1 blog entry a card a month but, sigh, it’s taking me years to master the art. Aside from a lot of distractions + laziness, you’d have to know stuff like numerology, symbology, Egyptology as well, or even religion like the Kabbalah from which, they say, the meaning of the cards are derived.  But me? I’m taking the short cut.  Yes, I read a lot of resources from the web. And every card has not one, but several stories to tell. But I select the interpretations I like and then combine them with my own interpretations… and imagination. Convenient, right?

I have five decks but my favorite is the Rider-Waite because it is brimming with symbols and pictures that allow unlimited interpretation.


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