M, M, feeling quite contrary.  Not that I’m depressed. I’m just back to that old lethargicsomnambulisticzombiedoublelazy-ishsowhat feeling.

Waking up in the morning is such a trial.  Especially when I can barely sleep at night (it’s back to being the night owl for me). Suddenly, being happy and having fun is just taking up too much effort and energy.

…me just wanna drift off and sleep or stare into space and put my brain cells into standby mode and hope that people will leave me alone. Ahhh… sleep.  Read from my Kindle and drift off to sleep curled with my cats.  Now that’s bliss.

Why can’t I just stay happy and perky all the time?

Is this because of age (oh sad)? Or the usual laziness? Or not having coffee for a few days now because I’m a bit late, you know? Probably a week or so. I hate late. Whether it’s talking about appointments and periods, I hate late. And I’m almost never late, for either stuff. Ye Gods!!!

We’ll see.


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