Happy Birthday, all right

The weekend was good: For lunch, hubby and I had a blast at an eat all you can buffet resto, spent overnight at a 5 Star hotel, had complimentary birthday cake from the hotel, watched the fireworks, took 2 preggy tests that turned out positive, watched the pyrolympics by our hotel balcony, had a wonderful and relaxing bubble bath, had another buffet at the hotel for breakfast…  All in all, it was a nice weekend birthday celebration. Except for those tests.  Not that they’re bad. They’re just… that. I felt not sad, not ecstatic. Just maybe a bit shocked.  I can feel the paranoia setting in though.  What if I miscarry? What if he/she becomes the next anti-Christ? What if he/she is evil? Or worst of all, what if the baby’s ugly?!?!

My hands were shaking when I did the tests. Hubby didn’t know I had 2 kits with me at the hotel.  I thought, what better way to do the tests than in a fancy hotel bathroom?  And there you go.

When I told hubby, I was shaking and he probably thought I was joking at first until I burst into tears.

Yey. Great reaction. Good thing Hubby was hubby.  He was laughing at me, teasing at me while I was howling. I don’t know why.  I was just howling and bawling.

Goodbye, pretty stilettos.

Hello, stretch marks. And big nose.


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