There’s a creature inside of me and it’s not a tapeworm!

Hah! We’ll see, all right.

Look, there it is, looking like a tiny pop bean.

And I’m responsible for it. How frightening that thought is. Hold on tight, little thingie. Mommy’s gonna try to be all tough and healthy and wholesome for you. Maybe I shouldn’t have been too hasty about that coffee.

So, for you, little creature, goodbye, coffee. Goodbye, yummydirtybad food.

I’m 6 weeks into this P thing now.  And the creature, it even has a birthday, October 26, 2011! Are they that accurate now? When the doctor said that there’s already a heartbeat, I was overcome with emotion but I was still able to stop myself from crying. I was in a daze though, when I was dressing up after the ultrasound and I bumped my foot under the whatchamacallit-stirrups on the bed where they made my va-j-j go AHHH. My foot really hurts and there’s a big tender bruise on it.

This is it.  This is really it.

I’m dreading the morning sickness and the mood swings and the darkening of the skin and stretchmarks and the skin breakouts and the pain…

When will they come?


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