Who’s Pregs?

Are you preggy? No. What about you? Nope. And you? NOOO

The Q&A usually orbits among me and my 3 bestest gals from grade school/high school.

It was Feb 4 when we last met and most of us forgot to pass the Q around. It was typical though. We had a lot of laughs as if we never spent a minute apart; we scorned typical men (especially hubbies) who are not hardwired for multi-tasking; we gobbled up food as if there was no tomorrow, and then good ol’ C says she’s preggers! How nice.

But, well, C was worried about the future… about the life growing inside of her, the responsibility, the expenses, the tuition fees, the teenage angst, the decaffeinated, sushiless, oysterless life, the heartrending farewell to pretty shoes, … and I get it. We’re a self centered group, so what? We love our vain, aimless but fun lives as unbabied ladies (except for Cl who already has little M, my namesake, and little C.) I was even joking that since we’re friends, we’re all gonna get pregnant at the same time, just like the synched up monthly periods of BFFs. And I was jooooking. Who’d have thought that I was already preggers that time as well? And I even ate a lot of raw fish. Crazy world of BFFs.

They don’t know I’m pregs yet. Unless they’ve been lurking on my FB page, and have gotten the hints from the public messages from the more cheeryperky-yey-you’re-gonna-have-a-baby-and-get-really-ugly-stretchmarkscellulite-welcome-to-the-club crowd.

Can’t wait to see them again and gripe about the ‘has been’ preggies who keep on giving unsolicited advice and talking about their lovely, out of this world, preggy experience. I know they are just happy for me but, well, I’d rather not chat, thank you. I’m not a chatty/share-y person.  It’s just weird. These people ignored me most of the time before but now they’re acting as if we’re BFFs. Just because we will be sharing a common experience doesn’t mean we can instantly bond. So, if I don’t ask, it means I’m not interested. I’m not curious. And I’m getting the information from someone or somewhere else. Jeez, it’s like a cult or something. Now, you’re finally one of us. Blahblahblah. Evil laugh.

P.S. to my little creature, please ignore the ‘unbabied’ thingy. That’s just vain, selfish momma –in-denial talk.  When you get out of that mysterious clammy sac you’re burrowed in, I’m going to love you like no other, you, little creature, you.


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