What’s the point?

And now we come back to this.  So what’s the point of me working? My earnings just turn into shoes. I haven’t really saved anything since I started working in this private company. If it weren’t for my savings when I was a kid, I’d be broke. And I’m sure, with the US and Canada trip and the Li’l C coming, I’ll be spending a lot more.

One of my secret plans was to retire when I’m 35.  What timing, too. One more reason I was postponing the coming of Li’l C was because I vowed to myself that once it arrives (just like a package), I’ll stop working and stay at home. No nannies. So me being 35 and Li’l C coming, that means soon.  Anyway, I will most probably never amount to anything other than what I am now. I just don’t have the passion for work anymore.

So now,with the Li’l C coming, I really would rather stay home and take care of it.  Bond with it.  Maybe even home school it.

God, the things they teach kids in school these days. Come on, JERAFFEE?

So I’m going to turn it into some kind of a nerd. When Li’l C grows up, he/she will be a Jeopardy champ.



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