My Jellicle Cats

When I found out about this preggy thing, one of the things that first came to mind was how my kitties will feel. What if they hate it? What if they use it as their scratching post? What if they hate me?  Kitty B is like a dog and she’s so gullible and easy to please so she’ll probably be all right.  But Kitty C is such a drama queen. She’ll either look at us with those round, soulful eyes all the time, those eyes that always make me feel as if I have to apologize to her for something, or just refuse to look at us at all, just swish her tail at us and pretend that we don’t exist.

I know they can’t just come and go as they please, cuddle and sleep, curled on top of our heads like warm, fuzzy balaclavas anymore. I’m gonna miss waking up in the middle of the night and finding myself sharing a pillow with hubby because B and C have taken over mine…and Kitty B and I holding hands/paws in the middle of the night (sounds weird but it’s such a comfort). I will miss grabbing them and cuddling them and listening to their soothing purrs. I never gave germs or cat hair a thought before, but now, there are going to be some tough adjustments. They probably trigger my allergies sometimes but I didn’t care.

This is so sad.

Little C’s first word, I bet, is MEOW.


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