My First Almost-Barf

…was about three days ago, when I was in a taxi on the way home from work. Suddenly had this queer salivating feeling… my eyes were tearing up… and then this sensation that some slushy green liquid (it felt like green), with some delightfully masticated beef and carbs (mmm… scrumptious) were about to come up and out of my mouth… and it felt like I was about to do a Linda Blair Exorcist scene and hurl @ the poor taxi driver. Things are going to get violently yucky! Quickly, I stuffed my mouth with a bunch of Altoids, brought out my barf bag (yeah, I always carry one since this all started. It’s from some airline that sweet, thoughtful hubby brought home for me), brought out this tiny bottle of Hypnose and took a little whiff

…and then the feeling was gone.

It’s probably the yucky, musky, stinky, icky, horsey odor of the taxi.  I hate the smell of taxis. And crowded elevators (got a headache yesterday which lasted until the evening when this guy beside me in the elevator burped his meal. My, my, enjoyed your sausage much? And crowds. I hate the mixed, stinky, sweaty odors of crowds.

I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Now, don’t you go fooling around and making me feel all queasy, you little creature. Behave.


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