The Horror!

Surround yerself with beautiful thingies, sez ’em. (Something about the environment influencing the disposition, taste or maybe even the looks of ze bebe.) But I can’t help it. There’s something so alluring about mysteries and thrillers… the twisted… the dark… have limits though… blood ok (hello, I deal with it every month for years now, except lately of course), entrails not ok… tarot cards cool… haruspex not cool… couldn’t resist watching the first season of Walking Dead (so-so, protagonists as lifeless as the zombies), Sherlock Holmes BBC Series (so heart it! so heart the talented actor), the Event season 1 (unheart it; with the typical lame-o girlfriend. It’s incredible how characters like her could survive impossible circumstances.), Mad Men Season 1 (doesn’t fall under any of the above categories, but hurrah for the smart girl amid the chauvinistic pigs.) and Warehouse 13 (so-so. something to pass the time.)

Hubs and I started with the long overdue Dexter Season 4 and 5 (I heart you, Dexter and your foul-mouthed sister) and I’m hoping to watch TrueBlood Season 4 (I don’t heart you, your fake accent, and your simple-minded, horny bro, Sookie Stackhouse… but I heart the backward south creepy setting… and Eric, the yummy vampire); and of course, my all time favorite, 6 Feet Under.

Have decided to forego the graphic novels — a half-hearted effort to lessen the gothic and the nasty by lessening the gothic and the nasty visuals  – so I read this old, musty, crumbling Jaws book instead (I don’t get my own reasoning but nasty or not, I’m going back to 100 Bullets and Neil Gaiman. An evil shark? Not buying it. It’s a predator, it’s in its nature to eat easy human preys). Read the first of Cirque du Freak because the title sounded cool. And it was cool, until I got past the title. You Suck! (not referring to my previous statement. That really is the title of the book) is a humorous take on vampires. Not the best book but some of the lines were LOL worthy. Also am somewhere in the middle of the Vampire Lestat (have read only the first of the Vampire Chronicles, shame on me) but got bored when it became all about Armand. And you know, Armand = Antonio Banderas = Pantene commercial. He ruined it for me. I prefer the Mayfair Witches. I’m definitely skipping to the Queen of the Damned. I was just contemplating on which Stephen King book to read when I remembered those Agatha Christie ebooks I haven’t read yet and I suddenly miss Monsieur Poirot and his ‘leetl’ gray cells. Dame AC it is.

As for music, no, I don’t have a copy of the Carmina Burana anymore. Couldn’t find my grandpa’s cd.  I know it’s not horror stuff. It’s beautiful music that most likely meant otherwise, but it’s like, tagged as a horror soundtrack or something. And I should stop watching 9Inch Nails’ Perfect Drug MTV in YouTube, but it’s just so darkly beautiful. Oh well, U2. Life is never complete without U2. Sunday Bloody Sunday… ah, it’s not what you think.

And here’s me all worried about having an ugly little creature. Really, it shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore if it comes out looking like Bela Lugosi. Hmm, the ‘little creature’ does sound creepy, like I’m talking about a tiny Hellboy or a tiny Swamp Thing. (Dear Me, and you realize this, when, only NOW?!?!)

(Quick! think angels and seraphims and cute, chubby little cherubs with pink cheeks and golden hair and wings and lyres. Think!!!!)

Vampires, zombies, aliens, serial killers, Moriarty, funeral directors… and one of these days, I’m gonna do a dvd marathon of Tim Burton films.

My horrorfestive days are counted, that’s why I’m overloading myself with them. In a few months, it’s Dr. Seuss (tolerable because of the Cat. Hey, I just realized, Jeraffee could be a Dr Seuss character), nursery rhymes, Thomas the Train or worst of all, Barney.

Hate Barney.

Dexter. Kill Barney.


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