I Heart My Hubby (awww….)

After almost two years of being married, am glad to report that we haven’t gotten to the drama and horror and inferno stage yet and I hope we never do.  All is well.  Hubby dearest is just a dear.  He’s a good person.  It’s very seldom that you meet people like him. Me is really lucky. There’s been little adjustment on my part because we’re now living back in our ancestral home where I was born and where I grew up.  On his part, there’s also little adjustment because he basically gets along with everyone.

He loves our cats. That sealed most of the deal.

And we laugh. We get downright silly. And cracked crazy.  Humor. That’s important in a relationship.  One shouldn’t take relationships too seriously.

He acts like a kid sometimes.  Sometimes, it’s endearing. Most times, it’s just annoying. But tolerable, I guess.

He tolerates my moods, my demands, my sarcasm, my sometimes twisted humor, my eccentricities.

Sometimes I feel pressured, though… BECAUSE I’M JUST TOO PERFECT IN HIS EYES…. (awwww)

One thing that could break the deal. The snores! Oh the snores! I’m talking about snoreSSS!!! He’s got a variety of them, I could write a separate entry about them. He whistles, he hums, he gargles, he grumbles, he sounds like a dirty old man with bronchitis or cardiac arrest, he snorts like a pig or a rhino, he’s like a leviathankrakenmonster … all in 1 minute! Gets on my nerves.  And me, with malicious glee, would shove him and kick him away when he does his symphony of snores. Before I get condemned for cruelty, let me say that I do have his blessing. That’s how sweet he is, he let’s me kick him. And that’s how mean I am, obliging him. I have to admit, it’s very gratifying to kick someone. Hello, the Little Creature and I need our beauty sleep!

Hubby has proven to be a wonderful shopping partner.  He used to dress up like a generic soldiery soldier (read: ewww), but now he has improved, like, a lot (read that, hubby, and bask in the compliment.), all thanks to me. He realized that I made sense when he started receiving compliments from people about his clothing.  So now he’s obsessing about Zara.  A trip to the mall is not complete without us buying something or even with just getting a whiff of the new arrivals at Zara. It won’t be long though until we start buying at Baby Zara or Baby Gap, or looking for baby carriages, or milk bottles, or diapers…


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