My Circle of Friends

C is having a boy! So happy for her.  The four of us met up and gobbled food at a Mediterranean resto two Fridays ago and it was such a relief to be with them.

This is true friendship – where I don’t feel like I have to make an effort to fit in or to impress. They’ve seen me at my worst when I was a pimply and whiny teenager so there’s nothing I can keep from them. Our last date was last February but it felt like it was just a few days ago. C is due around September this year. I’m glad that she’s glad.  She has finally gone beyond the selfish-vanity-I-love-only-me phase which I’m in right now. In a few months, I’ll probably be just as accepting as her.  This time, I was the one who did all the complaining (Not fair! How come C’s skin is still perfect and mine’s splotchy and dry?!?!?). Quite certain though that we will never exceed Cl’s ‘pregstasy’.


 C: I can feel the baby moving in my tummy. (happy statement)

Cl: Oooh, that feels wonderful! (ecstatic for C)

M: Oh yeah? How does it feel? Does it tickle? (I wasn’t being sarcastic)

Cl: It feels really great, M! (alivealertawakeenthusiastic statement)

C: It’s hard to describe, maybe like when you have gas… (wordscouldn’texpresswhatshemeant statement)

Cl: Errr… no, that’s not exactly how I would describe it (alivealertawakeenthusiasm taking a rapid nosedive. The romance of pregnancy suddenly gone).

Cl: (gives up on C and turns to M) It’s like having a fish swimming inside of you. (don’t-you-get-it!?!?! statement)

M blank expression. (umm-I-know-about-looking-like-I-swallowed-a-fishbowl.-but-a-fish? statement)

Cl: (gives up on M as well) You’ll know when it happens! (grrrrrrrrexasperatingsillyfriends statement. Next topic please!)

I’m exaggerating, of course.  I don’t usually remember specific conversations or topics we’ve discussed because we usually talk about just whatever. But the short exchange made a bit of a mark… women experiencing the same thing but feeling differently. The experience seemed more intense for Cl. I’m a little envious because all ll I feel right now is constipated.

A took this pic from her cool Polaroid cam.


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