Oh My God

God is one quirky Dude and I am glad that we are on good terms.  I don’t ask and expect a lot from Him and I don’t need that much looking after (thought I’d give Him less work to do) so maybe that’s why when I hope and pray and wish, He listens. This year it was Little Creature. I wasn’t really bent on the preggers thing but when we found out that my mom had this funny thingie in her breasts and they have to be whacked off from her (now I can laugh about it because she’s all ok) last January, we were so scared. So I got to talking to God in my head, asking him not to take my mom away from us just yet because she has no grandchild/children yet and it wouldn’t be fair to the child/ren not to meet such a good hearted individual. So, ta-da! a few weeks after that, I found out I was preggy.  After all the trying and toiling and twisting and turning my body had to go through last year…all it took was a little mind chat with God. I’ve never mentioned this before because I forgot.  I started writing about it but it was sad and anyway, we’ve all survived that trial and we’re shiny, happy people now. And my mom’s as good as new. Except that now my A cup boobies are bigger than hers.

And now God’s at it again. I wasn’t going to write about it because it was a major booboo on my part but thanks to Him, all is well. Remember that US trip? Well, Hubby had no visa yet and mine had expired and the earliest visa interview schedule was in June 14! And we were planning to leave with my parents on the 15th! Whatthuf$#$%, right? FU#$%#$%*&*$^*$#%$%#@%#. For about an hour.  But I’ve accepted the fact that we won’t be able to attend my cousin’s fancy New York wedding on the 18th. Still, we will go on with the trip! We’ll get interviewed and if our visas are approved, we’ll leave the week after and then just extend our stay. At the same time, my mind was asking God if he’ll do me another favor.  When I suddenly thought of watching out for visa appointment schedules online.  Ta-da! again, last week, when I looked, May 9 schedule was available! Reschedule it is then! yey! So happy! Thank you, God, thank you! Luvyah, mwahmwah!

Ta-da! yet again, the interviews went well. Hubs and I were interviewed at the same time and with our charms turned on and combined into a gazillion watts, we blinded the consul. So yey!

And by the way, double thanks to God. Our passports were delivered to my office this afternoon. With 10 year visas! New York, hide all the bagels coz here I come! And baby’s coming too! Don’t you make me barf, ok?

How come I wasn’t this ecstatic when I saw the double lines on the 2 pregnancy kits?


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