It’s a…

BOY!         !!!   !!!

Had my check up last Tuesday and the 3D/4D ultrasound said

Oh, boy.

When Doc S pointed out the dingle (Holy…!!! Is that a boner?!?!? …errr, no, it’s the leg.The dingle was of course, beside it, just that teeny little thing.), I suddenly realized that I was hoping for a girl.  My fantasy about having a Baby Harajuku girl and dressing her up in anime and gothic Lolita costumes crashed.

(We’ll never know. He might like to dress up in anime and Lolita costumes someday… not impossible, with the kind of momma he’s gonna have…)

I was hoping for something like this…

Blythe is wearing an Alexander McQueen. Not fair, right?

But it was Mr. Burns who showed up on screen:

Hubby was ecstatic!

Oh, well, this is all for the best.  If it were a she-creature, she’s probably gonna be a witch when she turns into a teenager and we’re gonna fight all the time and she’s gonna love her dad more. I have a feeling that hubby will never be able to say no to a daughter (just the way he can’t say no to the kitties).

And a boy is more gullible. You just give him a cheap little ball and he’d be preoccupied all day, says my friend, A.

Here’s a pic of the little he-creature… looks a little creepy, doesn’t he:

 What’s that sign he made with his fingers? Is he showing some inclination towards some political party? Yuck. (See? I told you it looks like a boner. Don’t know why the leg looks like a stump in the pic but Doc insists that baby is normal)

Here are more creepy pictures (he looked like an ectoplasm):

Why doesn’t he look like me??? I was cute as a baby and I had cute pictures to prove it!  But let’s give him a chance before I start converting his Educational Plan to a Plastic Surgery plan. All babies look wrinkly and weird at that age, right? Right?

Reminds me of some Pharaoh. Can’t remember exactly who it was. This is what l get for obsessing about ancient Egypt a few years ago. Was it Akhenaton or some other mummified Pharaoh?

Better a Pharaoh than yellow Montgomery Burns.

Oh dear. I am such a bad mother-to-be. I’ve been obsessing with the wrinkly little face that I’m forgetting the more important things: Doc says he’s looking veeeerrry normal and veeeerrry healthy. And he’s got like, reeeeaaally long limbs… me is suddenly thinking of ways on how we will be able to profit from this when he grows up…Daddy’s a bit bow legged though, so…


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