He Moves and Shakes His Baby Booty!

Now am really one with the cultish maternity club!

…can now feel him move…started maybe a week ago…odd things happening in that area…thought it was something I ate… but the odd things wouldn’t stop.

So, what else could it be but him messing with my innards.

Sometimes, it feels like my tummy is grumbling without a sound. Sometimes, it feels like there’s this critter moving inside me, trying to get out to mate with humans or infect the world or something (see me do crazy victim screams like those in B-Movies as my tummy explodes with blood and entrails all over my stunned hubby and the critter crawls out and eats my eyeballs and sucks the breath out of me. Then hubby says, good job, son). Sometimes, it tickles. Sometimes, it’s painful, as if he’s gnawing my intestines or gripping my appendix (more B-movie scenes). Sometimes, it feels like he’s blowing bubbles in my stomach. Sometimes there are these series of popping sensation, like he’s farting inside me.

But really, it’s not an unpleasant sensation, except for the occasional pain. I just have some weird thoughts associated with it, that’s all.

Maybe it’s because the little creature’s gender is affecting my imagination. You know, frogs and snails and puppy dogs tails… (Where’s the sugar and spice and everything nice?)

But, believe it or not, I’m starting to enjoy this little bump.

Obviously, with the amount of money being spent on clothing lately…


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