Apprehension for the month of June: In an event of a disaster…

Let’s see… if the world is ending and I’m 40+ floors away from the ground… the recent drill took about 30 minutes for people to go down, so do I rappel or paraglide to safety? There’s a slim chance for survival when I was just singular me, but there’s more of me now. What if there’s horrific fire or horrendous earthquake or horrid terrorism or just plain horror in the next few months? I’m not going to be lithe and agile and light on my feet!  What do I do in an event of an alien invasion? Vampires have my consent to bite me anytime to transform me into one of them, not to make me a foodie, but, how am I going to outrun zombies and Godzilla and the giant Pillsbury Doughboy while I lumber along with a little hitchhiker in my sac?


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